Robert (Bob) Berry

For all intents and purposes, my journey of faith began in November of 1969. On my almost half-century journey, I remain grateful for the many amazing people who have come into my life; most often as a good gift from a good God.Bob Berry

Perhaps the first such person was Bob Berry. Bob became my first pastor before I showed any interest in even having a pastor. Bob was the minister at Forest Hills Baptist Church at a time when drugs and parties consumed my life.  He says that although working with youth in the ’60s had unique challenges, it was adventuresome and gave him great joy. His illustrious life and ministry is legendary among Canadian Baptists.

Bob befriended me, kept me out of jail, guided me into adulthood and has remained a friend and mentor to me for five decades.  How different my life might have been had he not befriended me! Today Bob is in his 80s and is concerned that too many elders want to escape responsibility and drift into retirement. He continues to nurture and support many younger leaders in Atlantic Canada and beyond. I still covet time together. Without Bob’s influence my life journey might never have started. So my first announced blog post is dedicated to my good friend, pastor and mentor, The Rev. Dr. Robert C. (Bob) Berry. Thanks Bob.

– RT

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