Carol Ann McGibbon

Carol Ann McGibbon

Carol Ann and I worked together in Saint John creating a community based ministry in the south end of that city. Later we attempted to create a program to Carol Ann McGibbon croppededucate urban leaders in Atlantic Canada.

Carol Ann went on to become the Program Director,  a faculty member and ultimately the Executive Vice President of the Seminary Consortium for Urban Pastoral Education (SCUPE). She has served at SCUPE for more than 30 years and has been responsible for training hundreds of young urban leaders and influencing urban ministries and community development activities across North America and around the world.

More recently she and David Frenchak have formed Educational and Leadership Design Consultants, Inc. While I could focus on Carol Ann’s involvement in designing curriculum for Community Development Degrees or her current work with Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary around “public theology” I like this story from her early years when she was trying to break into the Saint John Jail.

“One memorable moment was that first summer when a guard released about 15 women to go to the church service at Germain Street Baptist Church. He forged my signature stating that I had picked the women up, and when I arrived to get them, they were gone.

“The guards were smirking. They really disliked my taking the women out for nutrition, cooking and GED classes, or to church on Sunday. I panicked because if I lost one I could be tossed in jail and charged with being an accessory to escape. I drove to the bus station, the train station, and finally to church to ask the church to pray. The Pastor greeted me at the door laughing and saying the ladies were wondering why I was late. They knew the guards were trying to sabotage the program and both them and me.

“So they walked to church and were sitting in the pews waiting for me. It was a miracle.”

– Rick Tobias


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